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The most efficient wall furnace available – Exceeds 90% efficiency 

Cool-Touch cabinet 
Simple control system is easy to use
Works with most programmable thermostats
Whisper quiet operation

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Vent Free Heaters

SR-10 heater 10,000 BTU's

SR-18 heater 18,000 BTU's

SR-30 heater 30,000 BTU's

SR Radiant Heaters

Manual and Thermostat Models
SR-6 (6,000 Btu)
SR-10 and SR-10T (10,000 Btu)
SR-18 and SR-18T (18,000 Btu)
SR-30 and SR-30T (30,000 Btu)

99.9 Percent Efficient
 Auto Shut-Off Safety Controls
Manual and Hydraulic Thermostat Controls
Piezo Igniter
LP gas
Heat without Electricity
Mounts on Wall or Floor 
Optional Blower 

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BF-10 Blue flame heater 10,000 BTU's

BF-30 Blue flame heater 30,000 BTU's

BF Blue-Flame Heaters

BF-10 (10,000 Btu)
BF-20 (20,000 Btu)
BF-30 (30,000 Btu)

Our Blue Flame heaters warm the air
99.9 Percent Efficient
Auto Shut-off Safety Controls
Manual or Hydraulic Thermostatic Controls
Piezo Igniter
LP gas
Heat without Electricity
Mounts on Wall or Floor 
Optional Blower

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Direct Vent Wall Furnace

Small direct wall vent

direct wall furnace, mid size cabinet

Small Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

DV-210 (10,000 Btu)
DV-215 (15,000 Btu)
Slim, compact, mounts on an outside wall.
Quiet operation  
piezo ignition
heats without electricity
Optional automatic blower 


DV-25 (25,000 Btu)
DV-35 (35,000 Btu)
Console cabinet mounts on an outside wall
Quiet operation
piezo ignitio
heats without electricity
Optional automatic blower

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high efficient direct wall furnace cabinet

High-Efficient Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Exceed 80% A. F. U. E. DV-20E (20,000 Btu)
DV-40E (40,000 Btu) DV-55E (55,000 Btu)

Exceptional Fuel Efficiency
Built-in Electronic Thermostat
Sealed Combustion Chamber
Maintains Indoor Air Quality
Filtered Air System
Built-in Blower

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counter flow wall furnace sits between studs

Counterflow Direct-Vent Wall Furnaces

Mounts along Outside Wall
DVC-35 (35,000 Btu)

recesses between standard Wall Studs
DV-55 (50,000 Btu)
 DVC-35 (35,000)l

Optional 24-Volt Wall Thermostat
Standing Pilot or Electronic Intermittent Pilot
Counterflow Blower
Multi-Room Heating Capacity 
Up to 76% A.F.U.E. efficient

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B-vent gravity wall furnace

B-Vent Gravity Wall Furnaces

GWT-25 (25,000 Btu)
GWT-35 (35,000 Btu)
GWT-50 (50,000 Btu Total; 25,000 Btu per room)

GWT-25/35 Furnace Recesses into Wall or Mounts Flush with Optional GWTW-2
Optional Wall or Built-in Thermostats Require No Electricity
Heat Two Rooms with Dual Wall Unit GWT-50
Optional Blower Available

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Console with visable flames

b-vent console

B-Vent Console and Visual Flame Room Heaters

RH-25 (25,000 Btu)
RH-35 (35,000 Btu)
RH-50B, RH-50C (50,000 Btu)
RH-65B, RH-65C (65,000 Btu)

Includes Thermostat
Heats Without Electricity
Automatic Blower included on RH-50B, RH-50CB, RH-65B and RH-65CB Optional Blower on RH-25, RH-35, RH-50C and RH-65C
Piezo Ignition

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Vented Gas Floor Furnace Models

Floor Furnace


America’s Most Popular Floor Furnace

3588 (32,500 Btu)
5088 (45,000 Btu)
7088 (65,000 Btu)

Operates without electricity
Push-Button Piezo Ignition
Optional Millivolt Wall Thermostat
Whole-House Heating Capability

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