Heat Pumps Multi Systems

Multi System wall unit, Oasis

Multi System Indoor Wall Unit

Superior energy efficiency. This model is available in 9,000, 12,000 and 18,000 Btu.

It provides cool and controlled comfort in the summer and consistent warmth in the winter, without straining your budget.

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Multi system duct

Multi-System Duct

This duct has a very flexible installation. The return air can be brought to the back or the bottom of the unit. 

It is available in 18,000 Btu and, can be used in conjunction with up to 3 other indoor units.

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Multi system Cassette

Multi-System Indoor – Cassette

Cassette Standard features of this inside unit include built in drain pump, auto defrosting, 360°air flow panel, independent dehumidification, sleep mode and more.

This is available in 12,000 Btu and can be used with up to 3 other indoor units.

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Ceiling-and-floor unit

Multi System Indoor Floor & Ceiling Unit

Ceiling and floor This unit can be installed either horizontally on the ceiling or vertically against the wall.  The unit has auto horizontal swing and auto vertical swing function, which will give you a more even and comfortable air flow in any room.

This unit is available in 12,000 and 18,000 Btu.

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Single Heat Pump/Air Conitioners

Single system heat pump, high seer

High SEER Single System Heat Pump

Our High SEER single-zone heat pumps are equipped with industry leading technology providing one of the highest SEER (efficiency rating) on the market.

The inside unit is available in 3 stylish colors that will make any room look modern and beautiful.

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MHP Series- Standard Single-System Heat Pump

Single – Zone Heat-Pump Heat pumps are not just an alternative to other heating methods. They can be a more cost effective way to heat.
Heat pumps can also work with your current heating and cooling system to condition the basement, the attic, an add-on to the house, or anywhere your current system doesn’t cover.

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