woman by clothes dryer

Residential- When building or just selecting right energy source for your home,choose the warmth, comfort and convenience of propane for inside and outside your home

  •  heat your home
  • warm your water
  • cook your meals
  • and dry your clothes...

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chef cooking on gas burners

Commercial- RD White and Sons provides dependable service to a wide variety of commercial and industrial users all year round. As a business, we understand how important it is to have

  • reliability
  • great service
  • product quality...

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agricultural applications

Farm & Fishery- Propane provides value on the farm.  A few applications

  • Thermal Agriculture
  • Crop and Food Conditioning
  • Generating Power...

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construction worker on site

Construction Sites-Propane is well-suited to their specific needs at construction sites and is used to

  • dry concrete, plaster, and fuel pitch
  • warmth in cold weather
  • fuel equipment

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